Alpha HD

Alpha HD

Stream Alpha HD is a PCI-Express card for overlay and output of computer graphics. It can be used as a basis for creation of on-air graphic design systems (CG-systems) and broadcasting video servers.


Works with 8 and 10-bit component serial 3G-SDI signal , HD-SDI, SD-SDI, DVB-ASI in accordance with ITU-R.601, SMPTE 424m, SMPTE 292m, SMPTE 274m, SMPTE 259m и DVB-ASI standards;

Automatic activation of video signal relay bypass mode upon computer power loss;

Synchronization from input SDI/HD/3G-SDI signal or analog Black burst/tri-level signal. When external synchronization is lacking internal synchronizing generator is applied;

Digital key signal (alpha-channel) output for use with external mixer that has a DSK (Down Stream Key) input. Key signal delay relative to output graphics has a software controlled wide adjustments range;

16-channels SDI/HD/3G-SDI embedded audio input/output;

Error control in incoming SDI signals with check total count according to EDH method. EDH packets on the output are formed anew in accordance with SMPTE165 standard.


Size: 129 x 121 mm
Bus: PCI-Express 4x
Inputs: 3G/SD/HD SDI (ITU-R.601, SMPTE 424m, SMPTE 292m,SMPTE 274m, SMPTE 259m) with embedded audio or DVB-ASI
Analog external synchronization input (genlock) Blackburst/tri-level (BNC)
Outputs: 2 outputs 3G/SD/HD SDI (ITU-R.601, SMPTE 424m, SMPTE 292m,SMPTE 274m, SMPTE 259m) with embedded audio (BNC)
HDMI v.1.3
Relay Bypass in case of power failure: 3G/SD/HD SDI with embedded audio or DVB-ASI
Alpha-channel: 256 degrees of transparency
Alpha-channel delay adjustment: from -127 up +127 ј pixel each
Adjustment of graphics position relative to sync signal: Within the limits of entire active line with an accuracy to one pixel