Grus GLive

GLive T1000

Live Video Transmitter Over Bonded Cellular Network


GLive T1000 is a high performance H.264 encoder and video uplink device over bonded cellular network. With less than 0.7kg (1.4lb)weight, compact size and cutting-edge encoding technology, GLive T1000 offers ultimate combination of portability and video quality.Advanced network bonding algorithm and low power consumption allows GLive T1000 to broadcast live over a multiple times wide bandwidth for a long period without interruptions. Server software GLive Decoder supports distribution of multiple formats of videostream. GLive T1000 is an ultimate equipment for news gathering, UAV and live events.
  •    Bonded Transmission Links Aggregates cellular, Wi-Fi and Ethernet
  •    High Quality Video
    Implements advanced H. 264 technology and flexible FEC
  •   Embedded Modems
    Comes with three built-in cellular network modems
  •   Touch Screen UI
    Features video preview and touch screen user interface
  •   Dynamic bit rate adjustment Adjusts bit rate to adapt to bandwidth fluctuation
  •   Portability
    Weighs 1 . 4lbs / 0. 6 kg with built-in battery



3 x Built-in module, Support mode: TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE, WCDMA

1 x USB interface external module, Support mode: TDD-LTEFDD-LTEWCDMA

1 x Ethernet 10M/100M: Local network port


Video: Input port HDMI or SDI

           Input format: PAL/NTSC

Audio: One stereo: HDMI/SDI, LINE IN


Video:◆Encoder standards: H.264

A / D accuracy: 8bit

Supported resolutions: 720*480,     720*576,1280*720,1920*1080

Bit rate0.512Mbps

Audio:    Encoding standardsAAC

Sampling bit rate:48KHz

Encoding rate:128Kbit/s, Two-channel

System Latency



Touch Screen Control, remote control from server

Physical Specifications

Size: 36x97x155 mm


Power supply

Internal Battery: 1h

External Power source: DC9 16V/2A

Power dissipation: 15W

Working environment

Operating Temperature -10~30

Operating Humidity 5%90%noncondensable

Stock Temperature-20~60

Stock Humidity0%95%noncondensable