Shenzhen Mine Technology co., LTD., is a research and development of multimedia video application systems of high-tech integrated company. We are committed to video acquisition, image processing, video conversion, transmission technology research and development. Identified as a Private High Technology Company by Shenzhen technology bureau. We are provide professional video processing of the products in the world at the same time, and also provide the corresponding technical support and solutions, to provide more value-added services to our customers. Focus on driving the live video revolution, providing live video streaming for TV, mobile, online and social media with high-quality and flawless live vide, transmitted from anywhere in the world. Our 4G Video Encoder provide multiple optional with clients, standard device and touch screen device; at the same time 4G Cellular Bonding provide more possibility to get a stable and reliable pipeline for video content collect and dispatch.

Our Products

•Remote smart app control.
•1080P&H.264/H.265 encoding.
•Latency less than 100 milliseconds.
•High-speed 4G signal transmission can replace OB truck.
•SD/TF card, HD video recording.
•WIFI/WLAN/4G connection

• 3-way full Netcom 4G interface,5 bandwidth overlay.
• HDMI/SDI double video switching.
• H.265+,low bit rate,HD quality.
• 192KHz,24bit,AGC Automatic gain algorithm.
• APP fast remote operation
• Bonding router function, cellular 3x 4G together to get fast internet.
• Server cost and traffic cost is Free before the end of 2019

●4-way full Netcom 4G interface,5 bandwidth overlay
●1 Wan port, 2 Lan port could direct connect to computer for use.
●5-6 Hours Working Duration
●Maximum Uplink and Downlink up to 80MB/s
●Aggregate 4x SIM, 1x WAN to create a single fast internet for public use.
●Strong heat dissipation
●Remote (web-based) management
●Integrated with Social Media live streaming
●Pressure proof and explosion proof box • Backpack for option

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