Production process automation system


OPLAN v2.6 is a system for production process automation of a television company. The system supports all the stages of operation. From the content ingest, description and preparation, creation of preliminary line-ups and daily broadcasting schedules, registration of commercials and arrangement of commercial blocks, broadcast preparation and automation, to the control and analysis of broadcasting results.

Schedule and player
oplan playlist player


  • Powerful content management and broadcast schedule arrangement tools;
  • Automatic generation of commercial blocks;
  • Unlimited number of channels and regional broadcasting options;
  • Unlimited number of users;
  • Control of user access to the information;
  • Reliable information storage in a uniform database on MS SQL Server (use of free versions of SQL Server is possible);
  • Clip import and export;
  • Automatic clip conversion to specified broadcasting format;
  • Automatic trimming of an initial file according to time codes;
  • Automatic sound processing (normalization, mixing of tracks, etc.);
  • Automatic creation of low-resolution versions of clips;
  • Automatic generation of documents (playlists, program schedules, cue sheets, etc.);
  • Preparation of servers for broadcast (automatic copying of clips and playlists on servers, removal of old clips);
  • Control of clip output (on server logs);
  • Automatic and manual insert of graphics (secondary events) into playlist.

    Forward media planning

    oplan forward planning

    OPLAN v2.6 facilitates the activities of various departments in a broadcasting company

    Program management:

    • Forward planning;
    • Current (week) planning;
    • Broadcast planning (preparation of broadcast permits);
    • Acquisition of rights and content adaptation.

    Commercial management:

    • Purchasing services (negotiations);
    • Advertising services;
    • Commercial services.

    Program management:

    • Pre-broadcast preparation;
    • Preparation of announcements;
    • Adaptations;
    • Maintaining libraries and archives of video materials.

    Launch teams

    Financial services and TV company management.

    Media plan editing

    oplan media planning editing

    Media planning and on Air control

    oplan media planning playlist onair control