KiloView G2 1080P HDMI to IP 4G-LTE Wireless Video Encoder

35,198.00 incl GST

  • H.264 video encoding
  • HDMI loop monitoring
  • Voice intercom
  • Branded chips
  • SDK provided
  • SRT supported
  • Support wifi/4g/Ethernet
  • Low power consumption (<4w)
  • Text and image overlay

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Kiloview G2 wireless video encoder can convert the full 1080P HDMI video source to IP signal without loss and push to internet streaming broadcast platforms through Ethernet, built-in Wifi or 4g network to realize video transmission, which makes live broadcasting available at anytime and anywhere. Kiloview G2 encoder is widely applied in hotel TV system, school teaching, video conference. G2 encoder has approved by CE,FCC,ISO,etc.

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