mikme pocket


The mikme pocket wirelessly connects directly to your smartphone. No cables, adapters or separate receivers needed.


The mikme pocket always saves a copy of your recording locally, so you’re protected from data loss in case of connection dropouts.


Thanks to the mikme pocket’s Mini XLR connector, you can record audio any way you like: handheld mics, clip-on mics, line level signals and more.

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The mikme pocket is a compact yet powerful wireless audio recorder and transmitter that connects directly to your smartphone and delivers studio-grade sound to all of your projects. Eliminating the need for a separate receiver attached to your phone, it removes bulk from your kit, saves you time, and gives you more freedom to create.

The new mikme app for iOS provides an intuitive audio-mixing and content-creating setup that will be loved by beginners and pros alike. With just a few clicks you can:

  • connect up to 3 mikmes to one smartphone

  • record, control, edit and tweak your audio tracks individually

  • change the video resolution, framerate, focus and exposure directly

  • brand your content with your own logo for distribution and directly share it on all your favourite channels


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