TerraMaster D4-300

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The D4-300 adopts USB3.1 (5Gbps) Type-C interface, compatible with 3.5” SATA hard drive/2.5” SSD, can support up to 4 hard drives, support total storage capacity up to 72TB (18TB x 4).

There is no need to install any driver. The unit supports MAC, Windows, Linux cross-platform operating systems. It is fully compatible with the USB protocol, and can be used with any computer, TV, server, set-top box and other devices.

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In order to prevent damage to the device and hard drive caused by use of an incorrect power supply, the D4-300 incorporates a power protection feature. If the user attempts to connect an incompatible power source, automatic protection will be enabled.

The D4-300 is usable for various data applications including video editing, photo backup, research and development, technical document preservation, file backup, music library, financial records, video surveillance, and corporate data storage.

The D4-300 features an intelligent temperature control low noise fan. The fan speed is automatically adjusted with the temperature of the hard drive to ensure that your hard drive remains at the optimal working temperature.


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