TerraMaster U16-612 Enterprise-class 16-bay networked storage server


Configure four DDR4 slots to support up to 16GB of memory modules with total memory up to 64GB; configure three PCI-E3.0 8X expansion slots for expansion of 10 Gigabit network cards (2 SFP + ports) and hard array RAID cards.

Using the TerraMaster U16-612, server access is continuous even when network interfaces fail online. This is because the device utilises four network interfaces and the Link Aggregation function, significantly limiting the likelihood of sudden online interruption. The Link Aggregation function also overcomes the network transmission speed barrier associated with a single network interface, and it includes the on-load balancing function of automatically balancing network traffic. As a result, stable data transmission is assured for customers.

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The enterprise version of TOS offers a graphical user interface (GUI), ideal for the flexible management of user accounts, storage space, server security, and optimised space management. Users can set up alerts to maintain a close eye on server status.

Enterprise version of the TOS operating system provides a wide range of professional applications. One TNAS device is better than dozens of devices, such as: file servers, mail servers, web servers, VPN servers, DHCP servers, DNS servers, Rsync remote servers, FTP servers and MySQL servers.

Aside from the network disk mapping function, the TerraMaster U16-612 allows users to interact with TNAS files via the web. Therefore, users can drag and drop system files in a direct way, moving them to the File Explorer to upload files to the NAS. To download files, the process is as simple as clicking ‘Download’. By relying on the storage directory’s tree structure, users can conveniently gain mastery over the data structure, whether that may involve copying, moving, compressing, zipping, or unzipping files.


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